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Special feature!

Countdown to Still life Challenge April 2017

Sunday, April 30th @ 2:59pm

Still time to submit your pictures!

May 2017 theme 

15 deviants said Garden tools
9 deviants said Dear someone
7 deviants said Paint
7 deviants said Mismatching

Guys I'm currently really obsessed with Harry Potter. Do you want a Harry Potter challenge? 

21 deviants said YES OMG!
12 deviants said No.

Gallery Folders

Time for cookies, time for cakes! by dinabelenko
Baking tip #1 by dinabelenko
Still life with oranges by Daykiney
Halfmax36001b by HALFMAX
My Christmas 2016
Christmas Cookies by PassionAndTheCamera
Christmas Cactus by PassionAndTheCamera
Blue ornament by Snowflake-Photo
Serenity by Bellechan
Blue by Pelusita-Fideos
Princess of Tomatoes by TonioSteiner
Anubis chan by SugarFirefly
Merry Christmas! by Expose42
Work in progress by DaniRDA
Autumn Walk by Expose42
Cat attack by Merycrismas
Food - Baking -cakes, cookies, pastries etc
Lemoncurd Pie by StargazeAndSundance
Chocolate Orange Cupcakes (+YouTube Recipe) by claremanson
Spring puffs by SunnySpring
Cake by bzzlightyear
Food - Desserts - ice cream, cheesecake etc
Sweet Sin by StargazeAndSundance
Basic No Bake Cheesecake (+YouTube Recipe) by claremanson
Cupcakes by Snowflake-Photo
Isle de Garde by M1n1L1nk
Food - Other
Pineapple by bzzlightyear
Pear by CookingPictures
Rainbow In The Palate by sesam-is-open
Untitled by CookingPictures
Chocolate, sweets, candy
Chocolate Box by StargazeAndSundance
Too much love by Question26
Peanut Butter Balls (+YouTube Recipe) by claremanson
Les Gourmandises de Sophie by Cat-Mist
Food - Meals
In the sunny afternoon by SunnySpring
Exotic explosion by SunnySpring
Strammer Max Salad by StargazeAndSundance
dinner by bzzlightyear
Gin by bzzlightyear
Happy holiday! by ElaynaTeos
coffee takeaway by ffpeng
Morning by bzzlightyear
Cut Flowers and Flower Arrangements
Yellow minded by wiwionart
,,,....---- by burcyna
Bottles and Bokeh
Liquid love by Floreina-Photography
Cycle by EstheticInstincts
rainy Easter 2016 by Nexu4
Invitation by piechot
Still Life Daily Deviations
Merry Christmas by hv1234
Tips and Tutorials for Still Life Photograph
White Daisies by Grishnakh666
Previous Challenge Results
.Christmas Market2016_03 by M1n1L1nk
Recipe Challenge
Starter: Bruschetta Triangles and Greek Salad by mondscheinsonate
Challenges Folder
Would You Like Some Tea? by Rebel-of-Argon
FEBRUARY challenge
Summer challenge 2016
Urchin Cairn by Cat-Mist
This is Halloween 2016
Skulls And Roses by Camerastry



  1. If your work is declined and you'd like to know why please ask us! We are happy to help.
  2. We will monitor submissions and decline works that don't fit the criteria, aren't categorized as still life or culinary arts or appear to be unfinished.
  3. We do control submissions and accept/reject them on a quality basis. Please make sure you don't submit poor quality shots/out of focus/bad lighting/grainy images and so on.

If your work is not categorized within the Still Life Photography or Artisan Crafts (Culinary Arts) Galleries it will be rejected.


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VisualPoems Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Is the Valentine's challenge folder open?
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Hello, thank you for the request... Have a nice week :D
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spondii Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015   Photographer

Thank you so much for the request. I appreciate it. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

eikona45 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the request :bow:2 rvmp 
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barananduen Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015   General Artist
:love: Thank you so much for the request!! :love: I'm honored!
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